Adrian Frey, piano solo       Under The Influence                            (AFS records 1201)

1.Bring It On  (Adrian Frey)

2.Blues For Jerry  (Adrian Frey)

3.Under The Influence  (Adrian Frey) 

4.Ali Shan (Chinese Traditional) 

5.Footprints  (Wayne Shorter)

6.Gardenia  (Gary Peacock)

7.Black Diamond (Roland Kirk)  

8.Starcrossed Lovers  (Duke Ellington)

9.The Sign (Adrian Frey) 

10.Tune In Three (Adrian Frey)

11.Ask Me Now  (Thelonious Monk)

12.El Primer Lugar  (Adrian Frey)


Recorded December 28, 2005 and March 22, 2006 at 

Kirche Witikon, Zurich

Engineer: Lasse Nipkow